Off-Road Drive. Thailand

The gamer should be prepared to make a long-term intercontinental off-road trip around various parts of the world. Each region has its own unique peculiarities. We are glad to present you the regions you are to travel in the game to participate in the off-road championships.

1. Petronas Suvium Silverstone Challenge.

It is not of any accident that we chose Petronas Suvium Silverstone Challenge to become the first championship in series of the reviewed Off-Road Drive races. Thailand is a wonderful country with charming landscapes. Evidently everyone heard of this country but it is not a common knowledge that various professional championships take place here in different off-road categories. Exotic colors along with the openheartedness of the natives bring its special positive attitude and provide for the growth of the Thai off-roaders, attracting more and more off-road drive fans from all over the world. Petronas Adventure Team, the key organizer of the championship, is a well-known Asian expedition team of off-roaders.

In order to present the championship in full detail in the game we sailed off to Thailand, where we consulted with organizers and championship participants; accumulated various materials and data. We had a privilege of riding along several tracks of the championship to understand the feelings of the off-road drivers. We visited the pit boxes to observe how the vehicles are assembled, repaired and prepared for the races. We watched the tracks being prepared, the cars re-assembled and what gadgets are used for the races. We paid special attention to the race rules trying to learn every single peculiarity.

Thailand people take environmental protection very seriously and most of the tracks are placed at specifically assigned locations. It affects the way the tracks look like and the approach the obstacles are situated. Almost all tracks of the championship are short, with lots of turns and increased number of various technical obstacles. Thai tracks are vastly different from typical Russian ones when it comes to difficulty and staginess. Thai organizers consider technical driving on a small space with known obstacles way more important than a driver’s ability to withstand nature and find the way to drag its vehicle through the most unbelievable natural ravines. Hence Thai races are more resembling of speed championships like rallies or bajas. On the other hand, the reconstruction of vehicles, type of tracks and obstacles look more like the ones used in trial championships. All that results in explosive mixture of fast velocities, acute turns, mud pits and difficult obstacles.

During the development we had a goal of considering all peculiarities of the real Thai tracks. We tried to convey the spirit and dynamics of the Thai off-road by recreating all types of obstacles that are actively used in the Thai championships. Petronas Suvium Silverstone Challenge should appeal both to the new-comers and experienced virtual pro off-roaders.

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