Off-Road Drive. Ladoga

Why Ladoga was included in Off-road Drive?

Thats very simple. First of all, Russia is the best country for off-road competitions. Every driving condition is here including beautiful scenary, unlimited off-road space and every kind of road and weather. Secondly, the biggest Russian off-road competition takes place here. Its famous 1,200 km trip takes drivers along the Ladoga Lake in the Leningrad region and the Republic of Karelia.

The event lasts for 9 days and is usually held in the beginning of summer. There are several off-road categories presented by either Russian or International teams (almost 200 crews). Besides traditional competitions, the event includes beach and dune races, rock trial and navigation, and a special category Tourism.. The race is organized by Off-Road & 4x4 Club, a club from St. Petersburg.

The laps wind through the pine woods, almost impassable swamps, bogs, slippery rock blocks, numerous fords and overgrown forest roads. Almost 120 km of the route are special stages.

The Ladoga Trophy is more then just a competition. It is a true holiday with a presitgious start near Saint Isaac's Square in St. Petersburg. A lot of people take their friends along for this off-road vacation.

The Ladoga Trophy consists of the following three stages in Off-Road Drive:

  • Ladoga Calling: A trophy stage consisting of various sections, including swamp, rock blocks, descents and ascents. This lap goes through the forest and rocky bank of Ladoga.
  • Maximum Drive: This stage consists of a sprint across the sand dunes on the bank of Ladoga and through the forest trophy section. Usually the dune race is the most spectacular event. Maximum speed and splashes of water change into an incredibly tough course with quicksand sections, sharp turns, descents and ascents.
  • Natural Difficulties: This stage comprises the most difficult sections. The crew needs to show all their skills to overcome the various obstacles. The unique nature of Karelia is a nice compensation for the high difficulty.

Well, we hope you will see the true value of this region and feel the real virtual Russian off-road.

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